Buying expensive licenses for complex antivirus packages is quite justified for corporate users. But there is no point in spending money on a home antivirus. Free versions of popular antivirus products are quite capable of protecting your PC.

In my previous reviews with a rating of the best antivirus software, I pointed out both paid and free products that performed best in tests by independent antivirus laboratories. In this article — the best free antivirus 2020 for those who prefer not to spend money on Windows protection, but at the same time to ensure its decent level, in addition, this year there have been interesting changes.

since readers may be novice users, I want to draw their attention to the fact that in no case should you install two or more antivirus programs on your computer — this can lead to difficult to solve problems with Windows. This does not apply to the built-in Windows 10 and 8 antivirus "Windows Defender", as well as to separate utilities for removing malicious and unwanted programs (which are not antivirus programs), which will be mentioned at the end of the article.

However, for 3 years in a row, Windows Defender shows results in tests no worse than those of famous paid antivirus products, and its version for Windows 10 is constantly improving and acquiring new features: for example, not so long ago, it became possible to run suspicious programs in the sandbox.

Oleg Molokov

Using Avast Free Antivirus should not cause any difficulties for novice users. The interface is clear, in Russian, and new useful (and not very useful) features are regularly added, similar to those that you can find in complex paid security solutions.

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